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SME Writing Services' owner, Shannon Hemauer, works exclusively with photographers providing affordable SEO, writing, and content editorial services so their online and printed marketing materials, such as

  • websites
  • blogs
  • social media
  • newsletters
  • ebooks
  • instructor training material
  • client welcome packages

read as professional as their images show.

Shannon understands the photography industry and its lingo and easily incorporates this knowledge into your content so your online and printed materials are clear and easy to understand for your client.

SME Writing Services writes with your ideal client in mind.

Shannon maintains your voice and style to help show case your personality, ensures your site is as fun to read as your photo galleries are to view, and follows Google Webmaster Guidelines to help search engines find your site.

Contact Shannon today to get started revamping your marketing content!

What My Clients Say

I am so thrilled with the results of working with Shannon of SME Writing Services! From the initial point of contact to the finished product, her attention to detail is amazing. She works to get to know you, your style, the product you are offering then focuses on tailoring those aspects to truly make your website content the best and most effective in gaining new clients. For me, writing has always been a dreaded task. I always thought that my photographic work would “speak” for itself, but the reality is that words on your website matter in a big way! In working with Shannon, she helped to push me with thought provoking questions where I was able to convey my greatest attributes to my clients. It is easy to forget that your website is where your clients first “meet” you and it is imperative to make a good and lasting impression. I now can feel confident when potential clients come to my little space on the web that they are getting to know the authentic and true me! Thank you Shannon for your wonderful work!

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– Sally Sosler -

Shannon reviewed my website and made really effective changes. She was able to quickly find mistakes I had made as well as help me with wording that described my skills to my clients. I am absolutely thrilled with the wording on my site and I have Shannon to thank!

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– Dana Tate -

Shannon recently reworked the text on my site, and I couldn’t be happier! She is very detail oriented, easy to work with, and got the job done quickly.

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– Morgan Coombs -

I think Shannon is part psychic, part writer! She used her wonderful insight and attention to detail to add much needed polish to my website. She helped me discover what I wanted my website to say about me!

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– Bonnie Iris -

I really enjoyed working with Shannon – she not only provides thoughtful and thorough feedback, but she is also very responsive in her communications. She helped me to look at my website from a different point of view and helped to make sure I was representing myself and my services the best way possible. She took the time to review the entire site, and her critique was very detailed. She was also helpful in reviewing any changes I made based on her suggestions to me. It’s great to have her unique perspective and writing/editing background as you put the final touches on your site!

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– Amy

Shannon is absolutely wonderful to work with! My pricing and website wording was all over the place and she was quick and efficient in turning my website into greatness. Everything looks so much cleaner and worded perfectly! I am very happy with all the work Shannon did for me and will definitely be coming back for more!

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– SusyM

Shannon completely overhauled and redesigned my website. What I needed was totally outside her area of expertise as far as content and facts, she knew nothing about myotonic/fainting goats. She took the info I gave her, spent MUCH time in learning/research , and gave me a website to sell my goats that I feel is better than any out there for what we do! She listened to the needs I had and made my thoughts and ideas 100% better. VERY timely in acting on changes and new content I needed. I spoke it and it was done it seemed. I can not say enough about the service and the product I received. Look at my website for an example of her work. You may not need a goat, but this website shows how she can work with almost any business owner regardless of her knowledge of what they sell or need, and still produce an amazing product/website.

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– Crossed Flags Acres -

Being a visual artist, my choice of words is sometimes questioned and misunderstood. Thanks to SME, I was able to provide the wedding couples with an easy to understand verbiage, eliminate redundant questions, and saw a spike in my bookings as a result. I can highly recommend SME Writing Services to anyone who follows the “Image is worth a thousand words” mantra but cannot quite come up with the right words to describe it.

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– Seville Media -

Shannon provided excellent constructive criticism on my website. She offered clear opinions and recommendations which greatly improved my site. She answered any and all questions that I had in a timely response. Should I find myself needing more guidance, I would definitely turn to Shannon!

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– Jenny

Shannon did some work on my website recently and really helped me think outside the box. She had great ideas that flowed very well into my current branding. She’s easy to work with and very responsive to questions. I highly recommend her!

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– Carabell -

I sought Shannon help when I discovered I was in over my head. I had an amateurish beginning in words and photos. I wanted a book to leave my children that spoke of my childhood. I wanted then to know who their ancestors were and what my childhood had been like. The end result far surpassed my expectations. I appreciate the book that we collaborated on and my children love their copies. I cannot say enough how impressed I am with the professional look of this book, the words flow along with the photos. I plan on using Shannon help to work on another project. I trust her that much.

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– smcread2013 -

I loved working with Shannon! She provided great feedback on how to improve my website and I couldn’t thank her enough!

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– Rachel Piwonski Falco -

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